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We are a premium software studio with years of experience building functional, maintainable, and reliable software solutions

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We specialize in delivering high-quality software solutions to complex engineering problems for our clients. We have a set of core principles derived over years of collective experience that have helped us in building great software. We are passionate about open-source, small high-quality teams and seeing the business impact of software

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Some Love from our clients

Ritesh is a great partner to work with when developing products with hard engineering problems to crack. He thinks deeply about architecture/ system design and is obsessed with building bug-free products. He helped us with products that were in a quick sprint-pre-PMF mode and with one project where handling scale and reliability were the primary challenges. A few of the qualities I grew to appreciate with Ritesh are that he listens carefully, communicates very well, especially on how to plan for unknowns and is high integrity. I'd love to work with Ritesh again.

Madhu Sudhan


What set Vertexcover apart, was their focus on excellence and attention to detail. Despite, constrained timelines, they not only delivered the project on time but also surpassed our quality expectations. It was an absolute pleasure working with them

Sumeet Agarwal



Solve Deep Tech Problems

We love stepping out of our comfort zone and pick up hard tech problems in the varied domain. Currently, we are working with a YC startup on building an operating system for manufacturing. We helped design a DSL + a browser-based no-code production-flow GUI for the industrial and production engineers.

Build High Quality Products at Startup Speed

Having co-founded startups in the past, we know how to move fast and yet deliver reliable and flexible software - that can rapidly evolve. For an early-stage fintech client, we built out the core credit engine as a modular system that helped them to pivot quickly and experiment with lending on multiple different marketplaces before attaining PMF

System Design for performance and scale

We are experts in building reliable, scalable, and fault-tolerant systems with full visibility. For a crypto client, we redesigned a core component of their system and brought down the latency from avg of 5 minutes to less than 5 seconds and more importantly increasing the reliability and maintainability of the system manifolds.

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