Embedded BI Tool

We recently built an embeddable self-serve BI tool for Pashi - a YC startup that is building operating systems for manufacturing. They wanted to provide monitoring dashboards to their customers(enterprise manufacturing companies) and also allow them to slice and dice the data themselves.
The system was built on top of Metabase and Postgres. We built our in-house streaming engine to stream real-time data from Pashi Datastore to analytics service. We then built a parser that can dynamically create a data model for analytics based on different stages/devices involved in the production line. We then reversed engineered Metabase API from source code / sparse document to automatically generate queries, snippets, visualizations, and dashboards needed by Pashi’s customer. One of the most challenging aspects was the ability to deal with dynamic data model and write analytics queries on top of them

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An experiment to build out a platform that allows publishers to replace ads with crypto miners(monero) running on user’s browsers / mobile phones. This project involved the following components

Pirlo - AI Driven Automated End To End Mobile Testing Platform

Pirlo.io is an in house project with an aim to make it extremely simple for app developers to test their mobile apps. We built a complete no-code platform that allowed anyone to automatically generate end to end functional smoke tests for their android app without writing any code.


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