How we re-architected a Payment Fraud Detection Engine with 300% performance increase

July, 2018 - March, 2020

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This service was built for Xapo, one of the biggest Bitcoin Wallet and Vault services at that time. We redesigned and developed the core engine for their entire transactional fraud detection system that helped Xapo to identify/block fraudulent transactions/account takeover situations in real-time. We were able to improve the performance of their system by 100% along with massive improvement in scalability, extensibility, resilience, and reliability

We built the entire pipeline as a composable system of different plugins and rule engines. Each plugin was responsible to collect/aggregate some piece of data needed for analysis. Similarly, each rule was responsible to analyze one aspect of the transaction and make a local decision. We also designed an ML engine that uses the rules, as well as plugin data to come up with a risk score.

We also integrated a new relic for monitoring and built instrumentation that helped us to evaluate custom metrics at each sub-stage of our system as well for individual plugins and rules across different kinds of transactional events that we supported.

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Embedded BI Tool

We recently built an embeddable self-serve BI tool for Pashi - a YC startup that is building operating systems for manufacturing.

An experiment to build out a platform that allows publishers to replace ads with crypto miners(monero) running on user’s browsers / mobile phones. This project involved the following components

Pirlo - AI Driven Automated End To End Mobile Testing Platform is an in house project with an aim to make it extremely simple for app developers to test their mobile apps. We built a complete no-code platform that allowed anyone to automatically generate end to end functional smoke tests for their android app without writing any code.

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