Pirlo - AI Driven Automated End To End Mobile Testing Platform

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Pirlo.io is an in house project with an aim to make it extremely simple for app developers to test their mobile apps. We built a complete no-code platform that allowed anyone to automatically generate end to end functional smoke tests for their android app without writing any code. Users needed to install our android app on their phones and then manually test different flows in their app once. Our android app is magically able to identify what user did and automatically generate functional end to end tests. Users can then directly run these tests on their device or on any cloud testing service like (browserstack/sauce labs etc). We provide CI/CD integrations with all major providers. We also provided a web dashboard where users can add custom behaviours to their test script - like conditions, loops, variable, external api calls etc.

We had to work on lot of low level hacking to get this working

  • Hack the android Accessibility Engine as well as Touch Dispatch Engine to reliably capture user interactions with their apps
  • Decode Android UI framework to be able to generate reliable multiple identifiers for element that user interacted with
  • Intelligent code execution engine that is able to detect failures during runtime and intelligently retry.
  • Ability to Maintain and Heal tests automatically with minor UI changes in the app
  • Ability to detect system modals / ads during execution of tests
  • Instrumenting App SDK with custom Smalli code to provide multiple intelligent
  • Ability to generate and run Espresso tests as separate module outside the APK.

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