We Love OSS

Some of our projects that we open sourced.


A CLI tool to launch, use and manage an ethereum client on the cloud. Under the hood ethcloud uses ansible and native cloud provider API’s to launch a new cloud instance, runs an ethereum client on it, and provides an interface as if the client is running locally. It tries to support all commands and options for the ethereum client tool and comes with good defaults, but allows configuring all the parameters with a configuration file.


A falcon middleware + authentication backends that adds authentication layer to you app/api service.


A (in progress) golang client for metabase API.

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A “Change Data Capture Library” built in golang for Postgres. It uses Postgres logical streaming protocol combined with the wal2json plugin to stream real-time changes from a Postgres DB as JSON payloads. It comes with a configurable listener interface (channels by default) to handle the incoming messages. Can be easily extended to directly stream to Kafka or other message brokers.


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